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31668285_977913335696862_5016267574023815168_n    What does Expedition Joy mean? To me, life is a journey, filled with highs and lows, learning, travel and adventure. The world still is a beautiful place if you can look past your own presuppositions. Beyond the pursuit of the things we all crave as human beings: contentment, satisfaction, true love, security, wealth, success, advancement, and so much more, we can never be truly happy with these things. There will always be something missing until we find what truly satisfies our soul: God. My faith is the basis for everything I do, and my life is a constant search for true happiness in the things that I have. So as I am adventuring and navigating through life, I look through a lens of God, in a pursuit of finding joy. And that is what Expedition Joy means.

Courtney and Russel Winter 2nd Anniversary-Courtney and Russel Winter -0016.jpg    Who am I? I am first and foremost, a Christ-follower. The core of who I am is representing Him to the best of my abilities. Whether it be in photography, wedding coordinating, my passion for people, my role as a wife, and every other crevice of who I am has been shaped by the greatest I Am. Fueled by a love to connect with the people surrounding me, to influence them, and to give them a joy-filled wedding or images to capture a small space of time in their lives, I hope that through my work, writings, and images I can be a light to those around me.

   My name is Courtney! I love connecting with someone and having good conversation over a good cup of coffee or cocktail. My greatest joy is being a wife to my husband Russell. We got married when I was 20, and I love most to spend time with him traveling, doing home projects, and walking down random streets or through an old bookstore. I love all things vintage, New England Patriots, and playing basketball. I also train in Krav Maga, and rewatch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings often.

Please feel free to contact me for info and pricing for your photo shoot or wedding, or if you have a question or comment! You can follow Expedition Joy on Instagram as @expeditionjoy. You can follow my personal account also as @court.adelle or our travel page @thewinternomads! Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for Expedition Joy too!


Cover Photo Courtesy of Brandy Dawson Photography, Black & White Courtesy of Megan Kelsey Photography, Couples Photo Courtesy of Lisa Heegard