5 Regrets I Have From My Wedding Day (and How You Can Learn From My Mistakes!)

  1. Akansha says:

    I regret that I made it way to simple. My hair and make-up were negligible. I didn’t look like a bride really.
    We didn’t plan or discuss anything with the photographer either. So the photos were not as “cute” or special as could have been.
    Ah. There are so many things I regret.
    And it’s sad to recall the event actually.
    But I learnt a lot and I will make sure I help others plan their big day better.

    • Courtney Winter says:

      I’m so sorry that you had that experience. I know I definitely had regrets after my wedding. Now that it’s been 5 years, I feel like none of the regrets I had matter to me anymore. I’m so happy I got married, and I hope you feel that way someday too! Also it’s never too late to renew your vows and have a do-over. I’m always open to taking anniversary photos if you would want to get a new dress and hair and makeup you LOVE. We could do a shoot somewhere fun and you would have photos you love too <3

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