I'm honestly so blessed by each couple that chooses me to be a part of their wedding. I put my heart and soul into serving them every minute of their planning, Engagement session, rehearsal, and wedding day. The most rewarding feeling is when they share with me how much their family loved connecting with me, and that i was able to give them a wedding day that they were able to fully be present for! By the end of the wedding, i feel like a part odf their lives, and i love getting to reconnect as all of our lives change with new homes, fur babies, and little ones on the way! Here are some of the kind words they have sent to me after their wedding day!

"Courtney honestly felt like family by the end of the night."  - melanie & chris

Paul & Michelle, May 2019

"Courtney is simply amazing. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. When I first talked to her 18 months before my wedding I knew I had found someone that I could depend on to be my DOC on our big day. Her attention to detail was on point, and my entire family kept mentioning how she was the sweetest person to work with. I procrastinated in sending her all my details but she still managed to make all my wishes come true! She eased many of my worries and made sure that no matter what happened I enjoyed every single bit of the day. She even made my now husband feel much better about his lack of dancing skills!! Thank you Courtney!"

   -Michelle & Paul

Photo: Expedition Joy Photography

Photo: Expedition Joy Photography

Photo: ElleAdele Photography

Photo: Sherah G Photography

Photo: Pen and Lens Photography

Photo: Kristen Cloyd Photography

Photo: Jeff Gathman Photography

Photo: Yasmin Allisa

Photo: Kyle & Heidi Photography

Photo: Photography By Raisa

Photo: Yiannis Photography

   I'm committed to making your wedding day an absolute success! Whether it's timeless wedding photos to preserve for your future children, or someone to give you peace of mind on your wedding day, I will put my absolute best into giving you a wedding day that you can sit back and enjoy! To find my rates and services, head over to the Services Tab! If you want more information about my availability and to set up a meeting to talk more about booking, fill out the contact form on the Learn More page! I can't wait to hear from you!

                                                               XOXO Courtney

Scott and Emily, October 2016~

   "Your wedding is such an amazing day! Unfortunately it can also be very hectic with so much to do before, and the day of. My husband and I were so blessed to have Courtney there to help us. There were a lot of things I hadn't even thought to plan. Thankfully Courtney knew just what to do. She was always very helpful and listened to what we wanted. She never tried to tell us what to do, but rather encouraged us and helped in any way she could. It was so nice to have someone that had done this before, and it really helped take a lot of the stress away. Our wedding wouldn't have gone so perfectly without her. If I had to rate her service, I don't think 5 stars would be enough! She is absolutely wonderful people and an amazing friend. If I had to do it all again I wouldn't change a thing!"     

          -Scott & Emily

Josh & Madi, December 2017

   “Having someone to turn to the day of your wedding for literally anything is a must! The day is stressful and goes by so fast, so having an extra pair of hands is very helpful. Courtney was just that. She was there to take charge and organize and get everything done the right way. I can't thank Courtney enough for all of her hard work. She went above and beyond to make sure our special day went exactly how we wanted.” 

   - Madi & Josh

Liz & Tim, July 2018

   "I hired Courtney as our day-of coordinator pretty late in the game after thinking I could do things myself and getting overwhelmed. She was a huge part of making the day go so smoothly and was willing to do anything to help out that day. We had to decorate the whole venue that morning so I had Courtney come early to lead that, and things looked even better than I had imagined! Because I contacted her so late, Courtney wasn't able to be at the rehearsal due to a previous commitment. I had a friend step in to take her place and Courtney was great about contacting the friend and coordinating that well. I'm not even sure what all Courtney did on our wedding day, which tells me what a good job she did taking charge and not bugging the bride too much! Hiring a wedding coordinator really made the day go smoothly when there were about 1,000 places it could have fallen apart! The whole wedding will never be perfect but with Courtney, our day was pretty darn close!" Tim added "When I got there on Sunday morning and I walked into the sanctuary and saw everything set up, I got emotional. It hit me. It was all so beautiful, and perfectly done."  
   -Liz & Tim

Mike & Cassie, September 2017

   "Courtney was AMAZING! We had a big DIY backyard wedding for 300 people. The planning process with Courtney was easy. We let her know our ideas and she kept in touch with us through out. She helped run our rehearsal dinner. Our wedding party was a rowdy group of 40 people and she was able to take charge and let everyone know where to go. On the big day, we threw a lot of last minute stuff on her and Russ and they executed beautifully. Courtney really helped me relax while I was getting ready with my bridesmaids and she was helping Mike take care of all of his last minute tasks. We were able to enjoy our day while Courtney took care of the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there for us on our big day! Thank you thank you thank you again for all your hard work Courtney!"     
          Love, Cassie & Mike

Amanda & Luis, September 2017

   "Watching Courtney grow up, being at her wedding and then seeing her passion to help others for their wedding, I knew who to contact when I got engaged. Courtney was a great asset to our wedding rehearsal as there were well over 50 people there. I also knew that on our wedding day, I didn't have to worry about someone knowing what to do or not do. I trusted Courtney with my HUGE bridal party, family and guests and was very pleased with her ability to handle my requests and all the details of our wedding. And honestly, I know that she took care of stuff I wasn't even aware of (also a great thing to not have to think about on your wedding day). Courtney, I've enjoyed watching you grow into the young lady you are today and to see your many talents be a blessing to so many as well as to my husband and I on our wedding day. Thank you for your service and making our day one we will never forget! 

   Love, Amanda (and Luis)

Otto & Caitie, July 2017

   "My wedding was July 15, 2017. It was a beautiful Saturday to marry my best friend. That day couldn’t have happened, though, without the immense support and amazing help from Courtney. She handled the wedding day, making sure all of the tables were beautifully set with flowers and candles, all of the necessities dispersed throughout within easy reach of guests, and a willingness to find the answer if she didn’t know it. She took it upon herself to put out things I didn’t even think of that really impacted the day in the best way possible! I wasn’t once questioned or bothered by anyone, I was able to enjoy the day and fellowship with family and friends and stay near my new husband. It was a joyous event! Thank you Courtney for making our day so special! We are so blessed to call you friend!!" 

   Love, Caitie and Otto

Bryan & Kelly, October 2018

   "We hired Courtney with only a few months left until we got married and it was the BEST decision we ever made! Knowing how big of a wedding we were going to have and all the different moving parts, we knew that we needed someone with more experience to handle details and problems. Courtney was the perfect person for that task! She handled everything with details and issues that arose. There were problems with the bar that she took care of without even bothering us! It was AMAZING! I loved the fact that she was a part of our rehearsal dinner as well. For the rehearsal dinner Courtney showed up ready to go and was able to run the show and help answer the many questions from us and others. On the day of, she was also ready to go and dove right in to managing the boys, the girls and all the vendors. She was everywhere making sure everything was perfect and I must say she did an A+ job of doing that! We were so happy with the decision that we made to hire her! You cannot go wrong with her! We have recommended her to all my friends getting married and will continue to recommend her in the future!! I am so glad someone recommended her to us!!!" 
 ~Kelly & Bryan 

Scott & Allysa, September 2018

   "Courtney really helped save the day! During my planning, I never thought we would have needed the help, but you just never know what may come up. It rained the whole night before our wedding and the morning of, our outdoor ceremony location was completely flooded! Courtney came to the rescue and was a major help. She even came earlier than expected and rushed there- in her work boots might I add! :) Her personality is great and very helpful. She even did extra work than asked. After coming into the reception hall just a little after dinner, Courtney had torn down everything and cleaned up the whole area. This was so helpful! It was so nice to be able to see my family enjoy the evening and not feel responsible for this. It also was very helpful on the next day for clean-up. we were able to enjoy much of the next day with such a great head start. There are many little things throughout the day of your wedding that you do not have time for, Courtney was able to cover all these and did a great job!! 

   -Allysa & Scott 

Kyle & Mandy, July 2018 

   “For our wedding, we had two main goals: 1) get married, 2) have a blast doing it. We didn’t want to have to worry about all the small details on the day of, so we hired Courtney and are SO grateful we did. From the very first Skype call, I knew we had made a good choice! She’s incredibly knowledgable about weddings, had a ton of ideas and was able to think quickly on the fly, super friendly and easy going. She was very intent on making sure that on the day of, neither me or my husband had to worry about managing things like vendor arrival, decorating, take down, guests with questions, etc. She even loaded gifts into my parents car at the end of the night! Our wedding would have been much more stressful without her around — we are so thankful for all of her help and guidance! If you’re on the fence, just jump it and hire her!"
   ~Mandy & Kyle

Daniel & Diana, August 2018

   "Expedition Joy is a fantastic service. Courtney was our day-of coordinator, and her help was indispensable. Courtney battled crazy Chicago traffic and pulled of an amazing city wedding for us at two iconic locations: St Stanislaus Kostka Church and the Willis Tower. 
   First, Courtney is super organized. She arranged a consultation months before the wedding to discuss our wedding & see if we were on track for booking vendors. She helped us stay calm when there were a few snags & helped us make the final decisions for the ideal reception place. We had another consultation a week before the wedding to make sure all the details were ironed out. All this was help she provided BEFORE the wedding - her pre-wedding services made it totally worth it!! 
   For the rehearsal and wedding, Courtney made everything go incredibly smoothly. We had a wedding Mass planned, and she was on top of our plans and made the rehearsal & wedding go so well. With the rehearsal, she worked with two families and our priest, it went so smoothly! On the wedding day, Courtney took care of everything - she made sure we all had our bouquets & boutonnieres, and coordinated with our vendors. As a photographer herself, Courtney knew all the questions that the photographers would have. When Mass began, she jetted off to the reception venue, where she she worked to coordinate the cake delivery and decorations. During the reception, she helped organize the buffet line, & had an eagle eye for all the little details, broke down the reception, & kept track of wedding gifts! She was a great point-person for all of our guests who had questions. In summary, you can't go wrong with Courtney. She is calm, organized, and easy-going - and she'll make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day!!" 

   - Daniel & Diana

Chris & Melanie, October 2018

   "We feel so lucky to have found Courtney as our wedding coordinator! We hired her as our big day approached to ensure the day unfolded smoothly. Not only was she a huge help, but she was instantly likable, personable, intuitive, and just fun to be around. She came to our rehearsal dinner, which was a huge perk, and allowed her to pick up on our specific concerns before the big day. On the big day, she was a blessing to have from the beginning of the day to the end of the night. In the morning, she helped streamline communication between multiple people and picked up on little details to make getting ready go smoothly. She then successfully pulled off a difficult task - she took a photo of my new husband and I at the church after our ceremony, had it printed, and framed it on our photo table for cocktail hour. She also picked up on various things throughout the day and facilitated great communication between vendors about specific requests I had. At the end of the night, she packed up all of our decorations for us and brought them to my parent's car. Courtney honestly felt like family by the end of the night. Strongly recommend hiring her to help you out with your big day - you will be very happy you did! 

~ Melanie & Chris

Josh & Nicole, September 2018 

   "Courtney was absolutely AMAZING and was a huge help on our wedding day. She did everything from helping us set up, to fixing mistakes that vendors made. We definitely kept her on her toes running around! When the flower girl decided she didn’t want to talk down the aisle, Courtney took her and rocked her to sleep. I high recommend Courtney, as she was so incredibly helpful. All of my bridesmaids and my mother could not stop talking about how helpful she was. If you are looking for a day of coordinator, do not think twice! I do not think I could thank Courtney enough for everything she did for us. I’ve said it already, but she is amazing!" 

  - The Goff’s    

Kevin & Samantha, December 2018

   "Courtney was an amazing coordinator!! I would hire her again and again. She was outgoing, relaxed, and handled everything professionally and gracefully! I had so many questions and concerns about wedding ceremonies/details and she had ALL of the answers. She kept everyone on time, made sure I was doing fine, ran our rehearsal in an organized way, and in general, made me feel relaxed and comfortable with the whole day. She made sure flowers were repurposed where they were supposed to be, and helped clean up at the end of the night. She worked incredibly graciously with all of the other vendors, and was all-around amazing. If you aren't sure if you need a "day of" coordinator, YOU DO, and Courtney is your gal. Thank you for everything! 

   - Samantha & Kevin  

Dale & Allison, November 2018

"Courtney was a life saver at my wedding. She was the day of coordinator for our wedding and she was a total rockstar. On our wedding day it started raining and Courtney with no hesitation went out and bought clear umbrellas and was our go to girl. She helped set up everything for the ceremony and reception and always made sure my husband and I didnt need anything and was always on top of everything. She helped us put together our day of timeline and worked with all vendors to make sure they were on time and set up ready to go. She was so easy to talk to and helped calm my nerves when it was getting closer to our wedding day. Our wedding wouldn't have been so amazing without Courtney! Thank you!!!"

   ~ Love, Dale & Aly Takacs

    Douglas & Delinda, November 2018

   "I’m SOOOOOO excited to tell everyone about our experience with Courtney!!! With only a few weeks to plan our wedding, she agreed to work a “Black Friday” holiday wedding! So thankful she said yes!!!From the start she demonstrated such professionalism by meeting to talk about my expectations! She listened to my ideas and gave exceptional feedback to them!!! She was punctual and kind, ready to work every angle behind the camera. With such a unique wedding ceremony of our family intimately surrounding us, it created a difficult task of her possibly capturing good photos. She ceased to amaze me when she captured so many and then some. The photo session was awesome. She made us feel incredibly comfortable and I felt as if I was working with her for years. She has a very natural way up making it all flow to grab the best shots. I have received so many incredible compliments on the photos themselves and have been asked for her referral. I will not hesitate to give anyone looking for a photographer her number. We too, look forward to working with her again in the future!"
 - Dee & Doug

Brian & Hannah, December 2018

"Courtney photographed our elopement in December. The weather was terrible and all of our previously planned spots to be photographed were ruined. Last minute she was able to whip up a new plan, and it was even better than the original! Once that was all figured out, my husband and I realized that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing in front of this camera! Courtney was so wonderful at helping us both. I was able to overcome my insecurities of how I looked on my wedding day 9 months pregnant - swollen feet, huge belly and all. Plus, my husband was able to actually enjoy his first time in the camera light. We very promptly received our pictures and couldn't stop talking about how natural they looked, and how it captured how happy we truly were on the day. Most of all, how easy it was to be photographed because we had Courtney who made us smile, comfortable, and gave us this beautiful product for us to be proud to display forever. Thank you Courtney for capturing OUR day and making sure we had beautiful pictures to commemorate it!"

   ~ Hannah & Brian

Aaron & Ainsley, May 2019

"We hired Courtney to coordinate our small, atypical, backyard wedding on June 1, 2019. Between choosing to hire a day of coordinator, and choosing to hire COURTNEY, it was quite possibly the best decision we made for our day. She was so enormously helpful and took on everything that happened with enthusiasm and grace. She handled everything from making sure everyone was where they were needed, to shuffling playlists, to arranging an 8th centerpiece on the fly, and didn't even let torrential downpour slow her down. I wish I could explain every last thing she did for us, but I would be here for days trying to recount an incredibly.... eventful day. My husband and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. I would, and will, happily recommend her to any and all family and friends that may need her services in the future.

You earned every last bit of it. Hiring you was one of the best choices we made and I'm endlessly glad that we made it. Things would have gone way differently if we hadn't. Having you there made it possible for me to let go of the details and enjoy it. I'm just bummed that I won't have another wedding to hire you for. Thanks so much for being the reinforcements we so desperately needed. I appreciate it endlessly. Thank you again, Courtney, for being there for every bump, surprise and adventure. We are so, so appreciative of all the incredible work."

   - Ainsley & Aaron

 Myles & Nicole, July 2018

"What a great experience! Courtney photographed our wedding, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We have many of our favorites framed around our apartment, but it was hard to choose! Courtney created a package to fit our budget, used our shot list (and thankfully guided is through poses!), and worked professionally. We are so glad we chose Courtney and Expedition Joy Photography! "

   ~ Nicole & Myles

Photo: Flash Photography & Film

Photo: Nikki Liz Photography

Photo: Expedition Joy Photography

Photo: THara Photo

Shaun & Alicia, March 2019

"Courtney was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was so helpful throughout the whole wedding planning process and answered any questions we had. She made many good points that I wouldn’t have even of thought about if someone with her experience wouldn’t have told me. She helped coordinate my wedding rehearsal and have good insight on how to organize our large wedding party. 

I got married at a venue that required me to provide mostly all the decor, aside from linens. Courtney helped set up all the table centerpieces, seating chart, wedding favors, and all decor for the ceremony and throughout the reception. It was so relieving having her at the venue setting up, so I could focus on getting myself and bridal party ready for the ceremony. I knew if there was something happening at the venue she would handle it or call one of my designated bridesmaids. She stayed and helped with anything I need her to do during and after the reception. She was my go to person for the day! If your looking for a day of coordinator she’s your girl!"

_ Alicia & Shaun

Photo: Katie Rose Photography

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