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Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of your wedding day is slipping into your wedding dress. From the Pinterest boards, to the hunt with your bridesmaids, to finally saying yes to the dress, the excitement to walk down the aisle in your gown is unbearable. It costs a pretty penny, but is worth every cent […]

He popped the question & you said yes. No you have a sparkly ring, along with a thousand and one questions & a bit of panic about planning a wedding. Where do you start? Should you hire a planner? How to tell your mom she’s not making all the decisions? Who gets invited, & who […]

I wholeheartedly believe in “The One”. I have received and reciprocated love from countless people, but no earthly love has compared to the one I find in my husband. There have been countless articles written in the Christian and secular world against the romanticized idea that one single person in all of time was meant […]

I can’t put it any other way than this: marry young. Wear the ring, plan your future, live in the moment, don’t be afraid, and don’t wait. In a culture of waiting, we are taught that falling in love is the key to existence, but when you find The One, you need to put the […]

The other day it hit me like slamming into a brick wall going 70; this Sunday, Russell and I will celebrate six months of marriage. That’s crazy to me, thinking that it has been half a year since we tied the knot. I suppose a 3 week honeymoon and the long process of buying and […]

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